England-Reise Frühjahr 2011 [154]   Leave a comment

Auf diesem Bild sieht die Schleuse noch schmaler aus:


Stourport-on-Severn: Unterste Schleuse

Zum Kanal zitiere ich einmal mehr unseren Wasserreiseführer: „The Staffordshire & Worcestershire Canal is, without doubt, one of the prettiest and most interesting waterways in England. The locks and basins at Stourport make for a fascinating start, having an intriguing combination of all kinds of engineering features and fine buildings, with the famous clock tower looking out over all. […] To reach the Staffordshire & Worcesterhire Canal itself, boats should proceed to the eastern corner of the upper basins, pass under the bridge and climb the deep lock at York Street. […] The canal soon acquires a secluded, unspoilt character, flanked by discreet houses and walls. […] The navigation continues to creep through the town, soon emerging into the country. It follows the west side of a valley, the steep slopes rising sharply from the water. The River Stour approaches […]. Soon the canal’s surroundings change, for the hillside on the west bank becomes a dramatic cliff of crumbling red rock rising sheer from the canal.“ [Nicholson Waterways Guide, Vol. 2: Avon, Severn & Birmingham (Cheltenham 2009), S. 108]

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