England-Reise Frühjahr 2011 [259]

Unfortunately, when we were at the Black Country Museum, something went wrong with the flash card in my camera and I lost nearly all of my pictures. Well, maybe it’s not too bad as I won’t overwhelm you, my visitors.  😉   Anyway, I was able to save some, and there are also my wife’s. I rely on her heavily anyway for the pictures here.

We started at the coal mine they have there, and, obviously, there can’t be any pictures of that. It’s a very interesting experience. Even if it’s the replica of a mine, especially built for that purpose, and only takes you maybe ten feet down, you get the feeling that you’re deep under the surface. It gives you an excellent idea of the harsh and dangerous working conditions.

Zu diesem „Bergwerk“ wieder einmal ein Auszug aus Mary’s Tagebuch: „At museum, we go on mine tour – into darkness wearing hard hats, stooping down the low pathway. Very informative tour, after initial apprehension, I enjoyed the tour.“

From there we walked down to the village, even if we could have taken the tram or the bus. The whole area is quite large, and thus these services are quite helpful. But walking to the villages takes you past other houses and buildings that are worth seeing. In (nearly) all of them, btw, you’ll find people in period costumes who usually – with only a rare exception – like to talk to you and explain what you’re looking at.

Here’s the tram:


Ooops, da bin ich doch glatt so ganz „me nothing you nothing“ [wie Heinrich Lübke gesagt hätte ;)] ins Englische verfallen. Aber ich lasse es einmal einfach so stehen.