England-Reise Frühjahr 2011 [284]   Leave a comment

Das Boot ist unten, die Schleusentore sind offen, und es kann weitergehen:


Brücke Nummer 32 und Schleuse Nummer 7 auf dem Stratford-on-Avon Canal

Aber es sind nur ein paar Meter bis zur nächsten Schleuse!

Über diesen Abschnitt des Kanals sagt unser Wasserreiseführer:

East of here [Hockley Heath, d. Verf] things change dramatically, for the first of the locks down to Kingswood Junction is reached. The top lock is numbered 2, as the old stop lock at King’s Norton Junction is number 1. The surroundings of the top lock are indeed pleasant: a white house enclosed by walls and hemmed in by trees stands beside the lock, while a cottage with a delightful garden faces the towpath just below. To the south west can be seen the spire of Lapworth church. After the first four locks, there is a 1/2-mile breathing space: then the Lapworth flight begins in earnest, with each of the next nine locks spaced only a few yards from its neighbour.

[…]The short intervening ponds have been enlarged to provide a bigger working reservoir of water, so that one side of each lock is virtually an isthmus. The locks have double bottom gates so are not heavy going, and are interspersed with the old cast iron split bridges that are such a charming feature of the Stratford-on-Avon Canal. These bridges are built in two halves, separated by a one inch gap so that the towing line between a horse and a boat could be dropped through the gap without having to disonnect the horse. “ [Waterways Guide, Vo. 2: Avon, Severn & Birmingham (Cheltenham, 2009) Ss. 144 f.]

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