„Puffing Billy“

Well, I know that the „Puffing Billy“ was quite a different locomotive, but I think the name would have been appropriate here, too – judging by the looks of that engine, which, btw, is propelled not by steam created with a fire  inside the engine, but by compressed air in its huge tank. This makes it safe in an environment with fuels, as it wa used by the Standard Oil Company.

vinate locomotives
Locomotive Driven by Compressed Air

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    1. Danke, liebe Dina, dass Du Dir heute so viele meiner alten Bilder hier angesehen hast. Freut mich sehr, denn bei Blogs [die ja immer den neuesten Beitrag ganz oben anzeigen] geraten aeltere Beitraege viel zu schnell in Vergessenheit.


    1. Well, if I remember correctly, this engine was used in a refinery or something like that, where volatile and inflammable fuels and gases were around. So they could not have an open fire in the locomotive. Instead, they filled the tank with compressed air and that drove the pistons.
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