Roosters of Luckenbach   2 comments

It was surely made famous by Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson in „Luckenbach Texas / Back to the Basics of Love„, but what would Luckenbach/TX be without it’s roosters? The tourists come and go, the bands change, but the roosters stay!


Rooster(s) of Luckenbach

Here’s the link to a picture I took there years ago: Texas Still Life – Rooster, Longhorn Skull, and Truck in Luckenbach/TX

Veröffentlicht Mittwoch, Juli 5, 2017 von Pit in Cities & Towns, Luckenbach/TX

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  1. Wow, actually very handsome, and a great pose! I didn’t know they could fly up into the trees!

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    • Oh yes, they sure can fly up there. I believe, though, that they fly up on the roofs first, and then on into the trees. I do have pictures of them on the roof(s), but unfortunately they are blurry. I didn’t manage to focus correctly.

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