Working-Barges on the Missouri   10 comments

After I started yesterday to blog again about our „RailTrailsRoadTrip“ in October last year, to finally get that to an end, I decided to take that trip up again here, too, with some single pictures. Here, then, is one from our day 9, when we travelled from Collinsville/IL to Hermann/MO, and had a short stop at the banks of the Missouri River:


Working-Barges on the Missouri River


Veröffentlicht Montag, Juli 24, 2017 von Pit in Missouri, Missouri, nature, rivers, Travel, USA

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10 Antworten zu “Working-Barges on the Missouri

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  1. Breathtaking view you captured! Beautiful composition and colors. A great landscape photo, Pit!

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    • Thanks, Amy, for that very favourable comment. I like the atmosphere in it. Even with the barges and even with a little smoke coming from one of them, I think the atmosphere is tranquil still.Luckily the picture doesn’t have sound! There was a lot of thundering noise when a lorry delivered rocks from the nearby quarry and they dropped into one of the barges. 😉

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  2. Ein herrliches Foto, wie aus einer anderen Zeit, einer anderen Welt…

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