Now That’s a Well-Equipped Trail Head [McKittrick/MO]   6 comments

The trail head in McKittrick/MO on the Katy Trail certainly sets an example – everything a bicyclist might need:

Katy Trail

The McKittrick Trail Head on the Katy Trail in Missouri

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6 Antworten zu “Now That’s a Well-Equipped Trail Head [McKittrick/MO]

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  1. Cool bike! Made in Italy, right?

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  2. Wow, the heart of a biker goes wide open by the look at this service point❣️ Your bike looks very nice and interesting, dear Pit. I actually like going on a bike, but not on the narrow contry lanes in Norfolk, it’s be suicidal. Today we went for a long walk on the grounds of Felbrigg Hall.
    Wishing you and Mary a great weekend,
    Hanne-Dina & Klausbernd, Siri & Selma

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    • That sure is THE perfect service point. I like that bike, too. As I explained to Amy, that’s one I got for the Hill Country, with the grades of sometimes more than 10%. For those I need the low gears a mountainbike drivetrain provides. And if I do – as it sometimes happens on the rail trails – very rough gravel, the bif knobbly tires come in handy. I do have three more bikes, though, for different terrains.
      A wonderful weekend to all the gang in Cley, too,
      Pit & Mary

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