Only 164 More Miles to Kansas City   2 comments

Facing west on the Katy Trail near McKittrick/MO:

katy trail

On The Katy Trail

Veröffentlicht Samstag, August 12, 2017 von Pit in bicycling, Herbst, Jahreszeiten, Katy Trail, Missouri, Travel, USA

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2 Antworten zu “Only 164 More Miles to Kansas City

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  1. What a lovely bicycle trail. It looks very inviting, especially with this gorgeous weatherand the nice clouds. Great capture, once again, dear Pit!

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    • Dear Dina,
      It certainly was a great day on the Katy Trail []. With plenty of foto-opportunities. I’m still thinking if one day I might be able to ride it all the way [234 miles] from the outskirts of St. Louis/MO to the outskirts of Kansas City. Btw: as lovely as it was and as much as I enjoyed it, I still liked the day on the Blue River and Chief Standing Bear Trails more because the weather was even better and I could ride these two trails end to end, and not, like on the Katy Trail, just a portion out and back. These two trails gave an even better sense of accomplishment.
      Thanks for the praise. 🙂
      Have a wonderful weekend,

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