Blue River Trail [Kansas]: Rocky Run Creek Covered Bridge

This, the Bue River Trail – and also the connecting Chief Standing Bear Trail – was my favourite trail on that „RailTrailsRopadTrip„:

blue river trail
Rocky Run Creek Covered Bridge


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    1. Danke fuer’s Lob, liebe Dina! Was mir aber erst jetzt aufgefallen ist, und was ich ja schon zu Amy geschreiben habe: diese Aufnahme ist (leicht) unscharf. Trotzdem wollte ich sie aber hier einstellen.

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    1. Thanks, Amy! 🙂 One thing, tough, that I only noted when I had converted the picture to LDR: it is a tad blurry. I had wanted to crop it some for putting it up on Instagram, but that didn’t work. I really didn’t like the result then. But I decided to leave it in here.


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