Bradford Pears, Going Strong, But Now … Gone

Last year, in spring, our Bradford Pears in our front yard along the driveway were still looking great and blossoming wonderfully in springtime, but then, unfortunately, during the summer, they crashed and are now dead. It was my fault entirely, btw, as the year before I had failed to protect their young stems from the bucks rubbing their horns until it was too late. The bucks simply damaged the bark so much that in the summer heat the trees couldn’t survive – sadly.

Bradford Pears, in Blüte, aber jetzt … tot

Letztes Jahr im Frühling sahen die Bradford Pears in unserem Vorgarten entlang der Einfahrt noch grossartig aus und waren in voller Blüte, aber dann, im Sommer, sind sie ganz plötzlich eingegangen und sind nun total tot. Es war übrigens ausschließlich meine Schuld, denn im Jahr zuvor hatte ich es versäumt, ihre jungen Stämmchen rechtzeitig vor den Rehböcken zu schützen, die ihre Hörner daran geschabt haben. Die Böcke haben dabei ganz einfach die Rinde der Bäumchen in einem solch gravierenden Umfang geschädigt, dass diese den Sommer mit seiner Hitze nicht überlebt haben – schade!



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    1. Wir werden bestimmt neue Baeume dort pflanzen (lassen), aber keine Bradord Pears, weil sie eben hier nicht heimisch sind und ausserdem als Baeume geringerer Qualitaet gelten – zu Recht uebrigens, denn die Aeste brechen leicht, und die Baeume selber sind relativ kurzlebig.

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  1. So sorry to hear this, Pit. Will you be replanting?
    [the pears I get in the store are rock hard and when I leave them out to ripen , they go from hard to rotten. Can you tell me how to properly ripen them?]

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    1. I think we will plant some different trees there, because Bradford Pears are not recommended here since they’re low-quality trees and non-native. Btw, they don’t bear fruit! They just have those lovely blossoms for 2 or maximum 3 weeks early in spring, and after that just leaves. How to properly ripen pears? Sorry, but I don’t have the slightest idea.

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  2. What a shame!! I’m so sorry for your loss, dear Pit. That’s really sad. We managed to rescue our fig tree. We cut -cut-cut it down and this summer we had some lovely figs again. Sadly we had to part with a peach tree a few years ago, it got a virus. It’s like loosing dear friends.

    Lovely shots, Pit. The close up is really beautiful. With the first one I’m wondering if it would look better by cropping it a bit?? What do you think? The cloud is so dominant that the pear tree steps back a bit. The eye should walk straight to what you want to present, now I have one eye on the cloud and the other on the tree. It’s nice, but the impact is „flattened“.
    Wishing you and Mary a lovely Sunday! x


    1. Yes, it’s a shame that we lost both trees. But entirely my fault. I knew bucks would rub their horns at them, and just left it too late to put a fence around, or some wire mesh. The bucks really scraped the bark off the tree stems all around. That was way too much for us to be able to save them by cutting them back.
      As to cropping the picture with the tree and the cloud: it certainly is an idea worth considering, but I had wanted to offset the tree against the sky. Anyway: I might give it a try and see what that looks like. Thanks for the suggestion.
      Have a wonderful week,

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