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    1. Danke, liebe Dina. 🙂 Da muss ich noch oefters hin, zu unterschiedlichen Jahres- und Tageszeiten. Ist ja kein Problem, da die Ranch im Nachbarort [Stonewall] ist. Aber leider ist sie nur von 9 bis 5 fuer Besucher offen. Also ist es nix mit Sonnenauf- bzw. -untergang. 😦

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    1. As the saying goes, Texas has four seasons: winter, summer, summer, and … summer! 😀 But seriously: we do have spring and autumn, too, and both can be very nice, But they’re fairly short, because our summers are so long. And hot! The rainy months are, if I remember correctly, April and May. Snow? Not hereabouts, not even in the Texas Hill Country – at least not very much and rarely only. Last winter we had just 2 days of freezing, and a few nights. But that was a tad unusual.
      As to „real“ winters: they – with blizzards even – are not uncommon in the Texas Panhandle.

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    1. Well, there are big skies in Texas, too. „Everything is bigger in Texas“, isn’t it? 😉
      And yes, this was President Johnson’s Ranch [part of it], and now is a National Park. It’s one of my favourite places to go hereabouts.

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        1. I love the Lyndon B Johnson National Park and the State Park. I go there every now and then, just to feel LBJ’s spirit. When you’re there, you know why LBJ loved his Texas Hill Country so much. I also do the tours of the „Texas White House“ again and again. It’s always enlightening.

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