When I recently posted my first „Portrait of  Horse“ here, a b&w rendering of a picture I took years ago on Mary Arden’s Farm in Stratford-upon-Avon, I got the idea that it might be interesting to compare all the versions I created of that, picture – b&w, sepia, LDR colour – plus the original, for comparison:


Als ich neulich mein erstes „Pferdeportrait“ hier gepostet habe, eine S/W-Version eines Bilds, das ich Jahre zuvor auf Mary Ardens Farm in Stratford-upon-Avon aufgenommen habe, kam mir die Idee, es könne interessant sein, hier nebeneinander – zum Vergleich – alle Versionen [S/W, Sepia, LDR-Farbe] dieses Bilds, die ich gemacht habe, sowie das Original, zu zeigen:

Click on any of the pictures to be able to see it in full/maximum uncropped resolution, and to leave a comment for this special picture.

Ein Klick auf eines der Bilder erlaubt es,  das jeweilige Bild in hoher/maximaler  Auflösung – unzugeschnitten – zu betrachten und auch einen Kommentar dem jeweiligen Bild zu hinterlassen.

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  1. Die Sepia Variante gefällt mir auch gut. Das hat etwas nostalgisches. Mit einem Rahmen „Altes Fotopapier mit Zackenrand“ würde es an die „gute alte Zeit“ der Fotografie erinnern.
    (Dat fiel mir jetzt grad so ein)

    Viele Grüße

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  2. The last version looks very appealing, dear Pit. But I also like the original very much. What a gorgeous horse! As Klausbernd mentioned, we’re going to this area next month. Because it’s his birthday and I have never been to this picturesque area before. 😉
    Do you have any recommendations for us, maybe? 🙂 I’m not sure if we should pay Blenheim a visit, what do you think?
    Have a lovely weekend, greetings to Mary. XX

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    1. Dear Dina,
      Thanks for stopping by and giving your opinion. As I said to KB, ,y favourite is the B&W version. And yes: it was a gorgeous-looking horse!Recommendations as to what to visit? Well, to my mind [as Mary would agree] Blenheim is worth a visit [if there are not too many tourists, that is.]. And if you have good weather [when we wre ther, it unfortunatley rained], the gardens are a MUST. In the Cotswoalds, I’d suggest the Slaughters. There’s a lovely walk from one to the other. And what about Worcester [Cathedral and Porcelain Museum]? Warwick Castle is typical Madame Tussaud’s, but they have done a good job in recreating the atmosphere of the different times – and you don’t have to do the dungeons.
      Whatever you visit, I wish you a pleasant and interesting trip.
      Take care, all of you,

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  3. It’s a beautiful horse and great capture, dear Pit. I had a closer look at all of them and I prefere the original. It looks very nice in b&w and sepia too.
    We’re off to Oxford, the Cotswolds, Stratford-upon-Avon and Bath next month. Did you stay at Mary Arden’s farm?
    Have a great weekend,
    lots of love to you and Mary,
    The Fab Four of Cley x

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    1. Dear Klausbernd,
      Thanks for looking at all the versions. I appreciate it very much. The original, taken with my old NikonD70s, is kind of „softer“, isn’t it? My peference, btw, is the B&W rendering.
      I took this photo when, on our narrowboat tour in the „Heart of England“ in 2011, we stayed near Stratford [in Abbots Salford at the Salford Hall Hotel] and did some sightseeing.
      I hope you’ll have a wonderful trip next month.
      Take care, and my regards to the „remaining three thirds“ of the Fabulous Four,

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