Texas Sunset #1

Karnes County at sunset, with oil wells flaring:

Texas Sonnenuntergang #1

Karnes County bei Sonnenuntergang, im Hintergrund wird Methan aus Ölquellen abgefackelt:

Karnes County Sunset
Karnes County Sunset w/ Oil Wells Being Flared

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  1. I agree, it’s a stunning shot, and somehow wouldn’t be half as interesting without the water tower. When you see the clouds flattening out on the top, it makes you aware of all the different layers of atmosphere above our heads, busy with all sorts of currents and inversions, etc. going on up there.

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    1. I think it’s the water tower that makes it „Texas“. As to the clouds: I think they’re called „anvil clouds“ {at least that’s how I’d translate the German term „Ambosswolken“] because of their shape, and it is a layer of warmer air above that prevents them from rising further but makes them spread out at the top.

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