Clouds Over the Blue Ridge Mountains

Another view over the Blue Ridge Mountains from the Cherohala Skyway:

Wolken über den Blue Ridge Mountains

Ein weiterer Ausblick über die Blue Ridge Mountains vom Cherohala Skyway aus:

blue ridge
Mountains and Clouds

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  1. Until I saw your posts, I’d never even heard of the Cherohala Parkway, and now it’s on my bucket list, all of the shots have been just beautiful.
    Laurel & Hardy’s version is wonderful, I’d only heard them doing „Harvest Moon“ before. They actually harmonize pretty darn well! 🙂

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    1. Well, we had never heard of it either. Before, my dream was to do the Blueridge Parkway some day. Well, that’s still my dream – more so even now that I’ve seen the beauty of the much shorter Cherohala Skyway. On the other hand: the fact that that is short makes it doable in one day, and you can still appreciate the beauty of the scenery. You can find my whole post about that day here:
      Ooops, I just saw that you wrote „posts“. So my link wasn’t necessary.

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    1. WOW! This song came to your mind?! It was always on my mind when we travelled that region, although we were in the southern [Georgia, North Carolina & Tennessee] parts, not „In the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia“, as the song goes. My favourite rendering of that song is the version be Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy [].
      Talking of songs that came to my mind during that „RailTrailsRoadTrip“ [more here: there were also: „Georgia on My Mind“, „Sweet Home Alabama“, „Tennessee Waltz“, „Down by the Banks of the Ohio“, „My Old Kentucky Home:, and „Ol‘ Man River“. Maybe I should do a special post on those, like “ Our RailTrailsRoadTrip in Songs“.

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