Cincinnati Murals #2

Wandgemälde in Cinicinnati – #2

Instead of a close-up, I’ve chosen this view of the murals – taken by my wife – as it also gives an idea of the surroundings/area: the (nature of) the houses, and lovely Washington Park.

Anstatt einer Nahaufnahme habe ich diese Ansicht [Aufnahme meiner Frau] des Wandgemäldes ausgewählt, weil sie nicht nur das Wandgemälde selber zeigt, sondern auch einen Eindruck der Umgebung vermittelt: wie die Häuser dort aussehen, und ein wenig vom schön gestalteten Washington Park.

Cincinnati Mural
Cincinnati Mural

14 Gedanken zu „Cincinnati Murals #2

  1. Well done to Mary for this photos, Pit. Not only a great capture of the mural, it’s framed beautifully!
    Hope the New Year has started well and everything is fine with the two of you.
    Much love from North Norfolk,
    xx xx

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    1. Thanks for the appreciative comment, Dina! I’ll let Mary know. She really did a good job here.
      As to your question: yes, the New Year has started well and we’re doing fine and dandy. 🙂 I hope you all, too.
      All the bst from here,
      P.S.: from Monday on I’ll be in Germany for three weeks.


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