20 Gedanken zu „Spot the Bambis

          1. Jetzt am Wochenende war ich nicht zu Hause und hatte eher wenig Zeit für den Blog.
            Ich habe es dieses Mal nur bemerkt weil du hier die Auflösung gezeigt hast. Aber sonst schau ich ab und an mal wenn nichts kommt.

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    1. I just lookd at the original, and I can’t see any in the upper right quadrant, under the trees. There is one, though – as shown in today’s solution of the puzzle – just to the right of the one standing.
      And I agree: it’s so fantastic to have these cute little creatures around.

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    1. Looks likew nobody else is taking part in this „contest“. So I might as well tell you now: you got it! You can just see the ears. Good spotting. I’ll show a picture soon that shows the little one looking up.
      Have a wonderful Sunday,

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    1. Now you were fast to answer! You definitely win the prize for the „first responder“. As to the number: I’ll answer at a later date, how many there actually are. What I can reveal now, though: they’re not all this does‘ fawns. We’ve seen one only so far with twins, and none with more.

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