Spot the Bambis   20 comments

How many Bambis can you find?

Finde das Bambi

Wieviele Bambis kannst Du finden?

bambis resting

Spot the Bambis

Veröffentlicht Samstag, Juni 15, 2019 von Pit in animals, back yard, does, fawns, Garten, Haus und Hof, nature, property, Tierleben, Wildtiere

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20 Antworten zu “Spot the Bambis

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  1. Hallo Pit.
    Den Beitrag habe ich mal wieder nicht erhalten.

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  3. I think there’s a fourth, back under the branches, in the upper right quadrant. What I am sure of is how cute they are — goodness me, what fun to have them around.

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    • I just lookd at the original, and I can’t see any in the upper right quadrant, under the trees. There is one, though – as shown in today’s solution of the puzzle – just to the right of the one standing.
      And I agree: it’s so fantastic to have these cute little creatures around.


  4. Do I see ears of another one to the right of the one that is the farthest right? You can tell me later.

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  5. I see three. I hope that poor mother doesn’t have more than that. But maybe there are two mothers and we’re only seeing one.

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