Colourful Wall Decoration …   10 comments

… inside the Carew Tower in Cincinnati/OH.

Farbenfrohe Wanddekoration …

im Carew Tower in Cincinnati/Ohio.

colourful tiles

Colourful Tiles

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  1. Really beautiful!

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  2. The Wikipedia article on the Carew Tower says:

    „The building is widely considered to be an early prototype of an urban mixed-use development, a „city within a city“. New York City’s Rockefeller Center, built around the same time, is a more famous example of this concept. The Hotel Emery and an office block belonging to Mabley & Carew were demolished to make the site available for construction.

    „Construction began in September 1929, just one month before the stock market crash on October 24 that triggered the Great Depression. Because of this, construction was continued on a modified plan. Art deco themes can be found throughout the building, particularly in the metalwork and grillwork of the elevators and lights. Locally sourced inlaid Rookwood Pottery floral tiles adorn the east and west entrances of the building.“

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  3. It’s very appealing. Is it ceramic? It appears to be tile, and if it is, it’s beautifully done.

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  4. It looks like a quilt!

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  5. Beautiful! And I’ve learned a new word – Farbenfroh. I didn’t know that word but of course it applies here very well.


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