American Freight Trains Are … Long   6 comments

A freight train is crossing Fourteenth Street Bridge across the Ohio River at Ohio Falls near Louisville/KY. On the other end of the bridge there’s that lift bridge over the Louisville and Portland Canal shown in the previous entry.

Amerikanische Güterzüge sind … lang

Ein Güterzug überquert den Ohio auf der Fourteenth Street Bridge gerade oberhalb der Ohio Wasserfälle nahe Louisville in Kentucky. Am anderen Ende dieser Brücke ist die Hebebrücke über den Louisville und Portland Kanal, die ich im vorherigen Beitrag gezeigt habe.


Fourteenth Street Bridge, Louisville/KY

6 Antworten zu “American Freight Trains Are … Long

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  1. We timed one once, over 5 minutes to pass.

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  2. Nice shot! I grew up seeing CSX trains pretty frequently – – one of their lines crosses NY state, paralleling the Thruway. And the local short line, Finger Lakes RR, that runs through my hometown, and crosses the bottom of my street, feeds into the CSX. This looks like a nice old-time bridge design in your photo.

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  3. I couldn’t remember ever seeing a CSX locomotive. I suspect this is why. They don’t run in Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, or Missouri — the farthest east I’ve done recent traveling.

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