Memphis across the Mississippi   10 comments


Memphis Skyline w/ the Pyramid, across the Mississippi

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  1. Thanks for sharing this vista with us, dear Pit. A very good composition with lovely details in the sky. 👍🏻Greetings to you and Mary from the Lake District where I have just been on a photography workshop at Wastwater. 🤗

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  2. Great cloud formations!

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  3. What’s in the Pyramid? I thought immediately of Galveston, of course.

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    • A super-duper Bass-Pro shop [not at all my cup of tea] & a hotel/lodge [not my cup of tea, either]. Check out my other blog here [] for more info. I’ll soon put up some pictures [close-ups and inside] here, too.

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  4. Amazing capture, Pit! I love the composition!

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