That’s ONE Way to Steer a Boat

On that trip on the „When and If“ in 2018, our skipper obviously was quite relaxed:

Das ist EINE Art, ein Boot zu steuern

Bei unserem Ausflug mit der „When and If“ in 2018 war unsere Skipperin offensichtlich ganz entspannt:

steering a boat with your foot
A Very Relaxed Skipper – Obviously


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    1. Let’s put it to her credit that she was not tall enough to get a good look-out forward and that we were motoring at that time. Under sail, she would not have been able to hold the wheel with just her toes.

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      1. If the Coast Guard had caught her doing that on a vessel carrying passengers, she wouldn’t have been steering anything for a while. (I’m presuming she was crew, and not simply a passenger who’d been given a chance to steer.)

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