Grand Canyon Railway – Locomotive # 539

When we went on the Grand Canyon Railway last autumn, we saw this grand example of a vintage steam locomotive:

Grand Canyon Railway – Lokomotive # 539

Als wir im vergangenen Herbst mit der Grand Canyon Eisenbahn gefahren sind, bekamen wir auch dieses grossartige Exemplar einer alten Dampflokomotive zu Gesicht:

Locomotie #539
Grand Canyon Railway Locomotive # 539

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    1. It was a fantastic experience. The Grand Canyon really is awesome. It was a great pity that – at that time – Mary was wheelchair-bound and thus couldn’t do/see as much as she’d have wanted. That also prevented us from fulfilling one of our goals: bicycling 10+ miles in Arizona. We had chosen the „Grand Canyon Greenway Trail“, from Tusayan to Grand Canyon Village, but we had to let that go. Well, some other time – hopefully.

      Gefällt mir

    1. I know. Linda, how much you like steam engines. Glad you like this b&w rendering, too. For a while I had the multi-coloured one as a desktop picture. That looked great, too.
      As to this picture: It would have been good for me to have been able to see – on my smartphone – exactly what I was doing, because I should have had the end of the tender in the picture. But, as usual in (bright) sunshine I couldn’t see a thing on that screen. I have no idea, though, why I used the smartphone and not my Nikon D500, which I was carrying around with me all the time.

      Gefällt mir

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