Throwback Thursday

This picture was first published in this blog here on Saturday, September 4, 2010.

Donnerstägliche Retrospektive

Dieses Bild habe ich ursprünglich in diesem Blog hier schon einmal, am Samstag, dem 4. September 2010, veröffentlicht

This is how beautiful the Texas Hill Country can be:

So schön kann das „bergische Land“ von Texas [Texas Hill Country] sein:

Crabapple Creek

Crabapple Creek, Texas Hill Country, nördlich von Fredericksburg

I took this picture on one of my bicycle rides out of Fredericksburg. This route had a very appropriate name, „Little Switzerland“, It was quite a bit of up and down, and with a temperature of over 100 degrees it was quite an exerting 42 miles. More about this ride here:

Little Switzerland in my personal blog.

Diese Aufnahme ist entstanden auf einer meiner Radtouren von Fredericksburg aus. Mit „Little Switzerland“ trug sie ihren Namen zu recht, denn es ging schon ganz schön auf und ab. Und bei fast 40 Grad ware das ziemlich anstrengende 67 Kilometer. Mehr zu dieser Tour hier:

Little Switzerland in meinem persönlichen Blog


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    1. Ja, es gibt eben auch Bekloppte! 😀 Heutzutage frage ich mich, wie ich das geschafft habe. Aber die Landschaft ist schon fantastisch, nicht nur genau da, wo ich fotografiert habe. Die gesamte Strecke bot immer wieder grossartige Ausblicke ueber die huegelige Kandschaft hier.

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      1. The first two pictures in my other blog were taken quite close to our place here, both on Lower Crabapple Road, long before we were even thinking of moving here. The first one is just a few hundred yards up the road from here, the second one a little closer to Fredericksburg. You can see the mailbox for #910 there. We are 1196. As you see, it’s a little downhill, and we are in that slight depression.
        You can find a map of my „Little Switzerland“ ride here:
        The picture here was taken, if I remember correctly, about where Lower Crabapple Road hits FM 965.I agree with you: it’s not the ideal time of year to visit Enchanted Rock. And, lazy as I have become, not ideal for bicycling either.

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        1. When I looked at our local forecast, I was astonished to see that the heat index projected for 8 a.m. this morning is — 100F. So much for heading to work early to avoid the heat!

          Thanks for that added info. I’ve saved it, and will make use of it — but not just now!

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