Maple and Moon

Last Saturday I got a few good [I think] shots of the maple in our back yard in the early morning [before 8] sunlight with the moon behind it. Here’s one of them:

Ahorn und Mond

Am vergangenen Samstag sind mir ein paar gute [glaube ich] Aufnahmen vom Ahorn in unserem Garten hinter dem Haus im Licht des frühen [vor 8 Uhr] Morgens gelungen. Hier ist eine davon:

Maple and Moon in the Early Morning Sunshine

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  1. Dear Pit,
    I like the light of the early sunshine.
    We had a beautiful light this morning as well, sun shining on the mist.
    We suppose the maple leaves will turn red soon. When I arrived in Canada in the autumn to live there, most of the maple leaves had turned red. That was a great welcome.
    With lots of love
    The Fab Four of Cley
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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    1. Hello Klausbernd,
      It’s too dry here for morning mist, but the sunlight is great, too. Well, as our property is situated in a slight depression, we get the early sun on the tops and upper parts of the trees only. Same in the evening. I’m doubtful if the leaves will really turn red. It’s (been) so dry that they mostly just get brown. But even that can look nice.
      Take care,

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