Cactus with Subtenants

Kaktus mit Untermietern

cactus blossom w/ beetles crawling around in it
Cactus w/ Subtenants

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Vielleicht ist auch mein anderes Blog, „Pit’s Fritztown News: A German Expat’s Life in Fredericksburg/Texas“ von Interesse.

20 Gedanken zu „Cactus with Subtenants

        1. One of the distinguishing marks of flower beetles is their antennae. They’re sort of club-like. See the one that’s clearest on yours, with those three little ‚thingies‘ on the end? If you see antennae like that, ‚flower beetle‘ is a good place to start identifying.

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  1. The photo is great, but I don’t like those beetles. We get similar ones here (the ten-striped June beetles) and in the grub stage they eat any root crops. My potatoes are ruined sometimes. Also they are creepy when they fly around at dusk and land on my back where I can’t reach to get them off. Or in my hair! They seem to be everywhere at dusk on those very hot days. But the cactus flower is very pretty (until they eat it)!

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