California and Elsewhere: Appetizer #10

Kalifornien und Anderswo: Appetithäppchen #10

While I’m still in the process of finishing up with our stay in St. George/Utah, here are two pictures I can hardly classify otherwise:

An interestingly looking beverage fridge seen at a gas station in Fredonia, New Mexico
A Bitcoin ATM seen at a gas station in Espanola, New Mexico

Can you actually convert „real“ money into bitcoins here? At least that’s what it looks like to me, because there seems to be an opening to feed in banknotes.

Kann man hier „richtiges“ Geld in Bitcoins umwandeln? So sieht es mir jedenfalls aus, denn es scheint eine Eingabeöffnung für Geldscheine zu geben.

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  1. I don’t understand bitcoin at all. Somehow, I thought it was all ‚cyber‘ — I never expected to see a bitcoin ATM. No matter. When I looked at the bitcoin/dollar exchange rate, it was clear that I should stick to the coins in the bottom of my purse!

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    1. I don’t understand much about Bitcoin either. What I can only imagine here, and even of that I’m absolutely not certain, is that with this machine you can convert „real“ money into bitcoins and, by using your phone and that barcode, have them in a kind of electronic wallet.
      I agree with you: let’s stick to the time-tried way of sticking to coins.

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