WordPress Problems – Take 2

WordPress Probleme – die Zweite

In my other blog, „Pit’s Fritztown News„, I have just posted another contribution on this current problem, also under the title „WordPress Problems – Take 2„, with detailed help that Linda, „shoreacres“ from the blogs “ The Task at Hand” and “Lagniappe”, has sent me.

In meinem anderen Blog, „Pit’s Fritztown News“, habe ich gerade, auch unter „WordPress Probleme – die Zweite“, einen weiteren Beitrag zu diesem aktuellen Problem gepostet, mit einer ausfuehrlichen Hilfestellung, die mir Linda, „shoreacres“ von den Blogs „The Task at Hand“ und „Lagniappe“, hat zukommen lassen.

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    1. Yes, so I’m fine here, but not on your other blog where my comment has disappeared again. I already had that setting disabled that your correspondent recommended after previous troubles, which it did fix. Some blogs seem to have lots of commenters appearing as Anonymous (including me) and one tells me to log in then doesn’t recognise me when I do! I think WordPress is having a total flaky.


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