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Lately, as you sure are aware from following this blog here, I have quite frequently been talking about the programmes I have used for quite a while now to enhance my pictures. Mainly and mostly it’s EasyHDR, but then there’s my „regular“ programme for viewing, cataloguing and re-working pictures, ACDSee Ultimate 9, and there’s also Inpaint to eliminate unwanted items from pictures. With this post here, I’m starting a mini-series of „before & after“ pictures, to show what these programmes do. Today, the first is a pictures I took a few days ago in our backyard, shortly before sunrise, with the Nikon D500 and the Nikon 16-80 mm Zoom. I showed this a few days ago here: Before Sunrise in Our Garden. Here’s the original:

before & after

Backyard before Sunrise: Original

The data: Nikon D500 – 1/25 s – f/3.5 – ISO 1800 – Nikon 16-80mm f/2.8 – 4 Zoom at 16mm

And here’s what working it over with EasyHDR did:

before & after

Backyard before Sunrise: LDR

By clicking into the pciture and then using the magnifying/zoom function you can see the pictures at their full resolution, btw.

Some remarks: this here is not a „real“ HDR-rendered picture, as I had a single original only, not the 3 or more with different exposure settings that are usually required for true HDR. So this here actually is LDR. But it still astonishing to me what the programme does in getting details, especially in the dark areas of the picture. EasyHDR comes with quite a variety of pre-set renderings, plus the opportunity to change everything, e.g. saturation and/or contrast, by hand. I have only used pre-sets so far, and am quite happy with it. This here pre-set is called „natural2“. What the programme does, though, when you have really dark areas or pictures with a low exposure respectively: it makes them a tad grainy. I think one can see that here. But still, I’m happy with the result. The files, btw, also become much larger. But nowadays, when even terabytes of storage have become quite cheap, I don’t consider that very much of a disadvantage.


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Corn Harvest in Kansas   4 comments


Corn Silos and Harvested Cornfield off the Blue River Trail in Kansas

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Trail, Trees, and River: Autumn Colours on the Blue River Trail   Leave a comment


On the Blue River Trail in Kansas

Blue River Trail [Kansas]: Rocky Run Creek Covered Bridge   4 comments

This, the Bue River Trail – and also the connecting Chief Standing Bear Trail – was my favourite trail on that „RailTrailsRopadTrip„:

blue river trail

Rocky Run Creek Covered Bridge


Harry S Truman Library and Museum – Courtyard [3]   4 comments

With this picture, of the Eternal Flame of Freedom, dedicated to the memory of President and Legionnaire Harry S Truman on the 72nd anniversary of the American Legion, I want to conclude this mini-series of my visit to the Harry S Truman Library and Museum in Independence/MO:

truman library

Harry S Truman Library and Museum – Courtyard: The Eternal Flame

The Eternal Flame of Freedom: these days we need it more than ever!

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Harry S Truman Library and Museum – Courtyard [2]   2 comments

A first glimpse of the wall with the eternal flame of freedom in the background:

truman library

Harry S Truman Library and Museum – Courtyard

Harry S Truman Library and Museum – Courtyard Autumn Colours   4 comments

truman library

Harry S Truman Library and Museum – Courtyard Autumn Colours

Harry S Truman Library and Museum – Courtyard: Walkway to the Trumans‘ Grave   10 comments

truman museum

Harry S Truman Library and Mueum: Courtyard

Before Sunrise in Our Garden   3 comments

This morning, I happened to be up early and caught a few shots in our garden before sunrise, with the moon and the morning star still up in the sky, while the first pink colours were just showing up. It’s amazing, though, how much detail the camera catches. There’s plenty in this picture – after enhancing it, of course – which I had not been able to see with the naked eye, e.g. the deer in the foreground, to the left, or the hills further up Lower Crabapple Road just showing through the trees on the left.

before sunrise

Early Morning Atmosphere in Our Garden

Harry S Truman Library and Museum – Moon over the Courtyard   2 comments

truman library

Moon over Autumn Leaves

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