Clouds over a Tranquil River   Leave a comment


The Missouri River Serenely Flowing along under the Clouds

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Working-Barges on the Missouri   2 comments

After I started yesterday to blog again about our „RailTrailsRoadTrip“ in October last year, to finally get that to an end, I decided to take that trip up again here, too, with some single pictures. Here, then, is one from our day 9, when we travelled from Collinsville/IL to Hermann/MO, and had a short stop at the banks of the Missouri River:


Working-Barges on the Missouri River


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Evening on Lower Crabapple Road – A Somewhat Different View   6 comments

Just fiddled around some with my ACDSee and thought this might be an interesting rendering of a picture I posted on Wednesday. The rendering is called „posterize“:


Evening on Lower Crabapple Road – Posterized

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Evening Atmosphere in the Back Yard   2 comments

Not only our front yard was worth taking a picture yesterday, but the back yard also [even without deer at that time]:


Clouds Over the Back Yard and the Evening Sun Just Reaching the Tops of the Trees


Evening Atmosphere in the Front Yard   5 comments

Isn’t that just a relaxing view?


Deer in the Soft Evening Light in Our Front Yard

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Evening on Lower Crabapple Road   14 comments

We had quite a sunset today:

evening sky

What a Sky!

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Big Bend Butterflies [1]   6 comments

It was in 2009, when we were on our honeymoon in West Texas, that we stayed at a fantastic B&B in Fort Davis [The Veranda Inn] and had lots and lots of buttterflies in the garden:


Tiger Swallow Tail

I hope I’m right in classifyinbg this as a Tiger Swallow Tail.

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More Hummingbirds [2]   14 comments

Here’s another one of those pictures taken on the porch of Dear Ridge Cottage in April of 2012:


The Feeder Is Well Frequented

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More Hummingbirds [1]   9 comments

After I had published pictures of hummingbirds in our back yard here and on my other blog [Pit’s Fritztown News], I remembered that some years ago I had taken quite a few pictures of hummingbirds while we were staying at the Deer Ridge Cottage [more about  that in German here and in English here] in Cain City. I’m going to show one of these pictures here once in a while. Here’s number one:


Hummingbird at the Feeder

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Roosters of Luckenbach   2 comments

It was surely made famous by Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson in „Luckenbach Texas / Back to the Basics of Love„, but what would Luckenbach/TX be without it’s roosters? The tourists come and go, the bands change, but the roosters stay!


Rooster(s) of Luckenbach

Here’s the link to a picture I took there years ago: Texas Still Life – Rooster, Longhorn Skull, and Truck in Luckenbach/TX

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