Buster   2 comments

Now let’s continue this (short) series with a picture of Buster. He was my best friend and I still miss him:


Buster – Pensive

More about him here: In Memoriam Buster

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Sally   8 comments

After Amy’s comment [„they give immense joys“] to my post about Angel, our cousin’s long-gone Bernese mountain dog, I decided to post pictures of all our (previous) dogs here. And even if I had shown her before, I still want to start with Sally. Here she is again:


Sally, a Most Gentle Soul

She arrived at our former place, in Karnes County, as a stray, full of worms and fleas, and just skin and bones, but her gentle ways immediately captured our hearts, where she had a place till the end and beyond.

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Angel   11 comments

She’s long gone from us – or from our cousin in Denver, rather – but we still remember her fondly:

Angel in the winter landscape

Angel – Intently Watching the Winter Landscape at Clear Creek, Denver/CO

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The World’s Largest Catsup Bottle …   Leave a comment

… can be found in Collinsville/Illinois:

catsup bottle

The World’s Largest Catsup Bottle

For more about this roadside sight, check out „RailTrailsRoadTrip – Day 9 [St. Louis/MO to Hermann/MO]“ in my blog „Pit’s Fritztown News„.

Two Symbols of Unity   2 comments

flag & arch

US Flag Framed by the Gateway Arch, St. Louis/Missouri

St. Louis/MO – The Old Courthouse Mirrored [Take Two]   11 comments

Here’s another picture of how the Old Courthouse in St. Louis/MO is mirrored in the glass facade of the adjacent building:


The Old Courthouse Mirrored in the Facade of the UMB Bank

More about the (importance in history) of the Old Courthouse in St. Louis/MO here, in my acount of day 8 of our „RailTrailsRoadTrip“ last year in October.

St. Louis/MO – The Old Courthouse Mirrored   4 comments

Old and new – especially with the old mirrored in the new – present a very interesting contrast in St. Louis/Missouri:


The Old Courthouse Mirrored in the Facade of the UMB Bank

More about the (importance in history) of the Old Courthouse in St. Louis/MO here, in my acount of day 8 of our „RailTrailsRoadTrip“ last year in October.

Gateway Arch, St. Louis/MO   11 comments

From whichever perspective you look at it: the Gateway Arch in St. Louis/MO is a fascinating edifice:

Gateway Arch

Gateway Arch, St. Louis/MO

St. Louis/MO Bridges – Continued   14 comments

It’s quite a while since I last published any of my pictures from our „RailTrailsRoadTrip“ in October last year. So I really need to continue. Here’s a picture of Eads Bridge. We passed underneath it on our 2-hour cruise of the waterfron to St. Louis.

Eads Bridge

Eads Bridge, St. Louis/MO

This picture has been edited, I must admit, both with ACDSee Ultimate 9 [for a light equalizer] and with easyHDR [for enhancement of details], but I think this brings out the fine metal structure very well, even if it does look a tad artificial.

Our First Fawn of the Year   9 comments

When we had seen some does on our property lately that were heavy with fawns, we knew it was only a matter of time before we’d see a newly-born one, and today we were that lucky. Here it is:


Welcome in Our World, Little One

The quality of the picture is not the best, but that was all I could do under the circumstances: low light and a long [400 mm] tele lens. But I really didn’t want to miss that situation.

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