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Smalltown USA #1: Cave Creek/GA – Mural and Antique Store   17 comments

cave creek

Cave Creek/GA – Mural & Antique Store

Some Exif-Data:

  • camera: Nikon Coolpix S9500
  • focal length 8.1mm
  • f/number: 4.3
  • shutter speed: 1/200 s
  • ISO value: 125
  • edited with EasyHDR: settings LDR, preset „natural2“ and slightly cropped with ACDSee Ultimate 9.0

Ausgewählte Exif-Daten:

  • Kamera: SNikon Coolpix S9500
  • Brenweite: 8,1 mm
  • Blende: 4,3
  • Verschlusszeit: 1/200 s
  • ISO Wert: 125
  • bearbeitet mir EasyHDR: Einstellung LDR, Vorgabe „natural2“ und leicht beschnitten mit ACDSee Ultimate 9.0

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San Francisco Skyline and Golden Gate Bridge …   18 comments

… as seen in the evening from Treasure Island:

San Francisco

San Francisco Skyline

Prometheus   2 comments

Statue at the entrance to the Natrona County Library in Casper/WY:



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Watt ’n mors   12 comments

Ich glaube, so würde der Norddeutsche hier sagen.

For my English-speaking friends, „mors“ is a contraction of „my“ and „arse“: so, the caption would be „What an arse!“


Watt ’n Mors!

Harbour Scene: Neuharlingersiel/Germany   16 comments


Krabbenkutter, Neuharlingersiel/Germany, Aug. 3, 2006

Harry S Truman Library and Museum – Moon over the Courtyard   2 comments

truman library

Moon over Autumn Leaves

Harry S Truman Library and Museum – Courtyard [1]   Leave a comment

This courtyard is a wonderfully tranquil and serence place:

truman library

Truman Library and Museum – Courtyard

For more about this president and the library and museum honouring his life and achievements check here: RailTrailsRoadTrip – Day 13 [Independence/MO – Beatrice/NE]


The Truman House in Autumn   Leave a comment

It’s been close to one year now that we were there [see here: RailTrailsRoadTrip – Day 12 [Hermann/MO – Independence/MO]]:

Truman House

The Truman House, Independence/MO, with Autumn Colours

Roosters of Luckenbach   2 comments

It was surely made famous by Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson in „Luckenbach Texas / Back to the Basics of Love„, but what would Luckenbach/TX be without it’s roosters? The tourists come and go, the bands change, but the roosters stay!


Rooster(s) of Luckenbach

Here’s the link to a picture I took there years ago: Texas Still Life – Rooster, Longhorn Skull, and Truck in Luckenbach/TX

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The Old and the (Very) Modern – Side by Side   2 comments

Yesterday in nearby Comfort/TX I saw this modern Tesla being charged in front of the 1880 Faust Hotel:


Tesla Being Charged

To me it looked as if this charging-station was provided by the hotel. That would be some service, wouldn’t it?

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