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I’m Old Enough to Graze All By Myself   10 comments

Our fawns certainly have grown, and they graze more and more by themselves, although they still like to suckle.

fawn grazing

A Small Fawn on a Big Lawn

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Evening Atmosphere in the Back Yard   2 comments

Not only our front yard was worth taking a picture yesterday, but the back yard also [even without deer at that time]:


Clouds Over the Back Yard and the Evening Sun Just Reaching the Tops of the Trees


Evening Atmosphere in the Front Yard   5 comments

Isn’t that just a relaxing view?


Deer in the Soft Evening Light in Our Front Yard

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Idyllic Evening in the Back Yard – with Deer   4 comments

Most of the times, evenings are tranquil and serene hereabouts:


Deer Grazing in the Evening Sunlight

I took this picture about an hour ago. I decided not to work with it at all but to publish it here „just as it came out of the camera“ because I think it really shows what the view of our backyard looked like.

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Another „Home-Grown“ Cat   8 comments

This time it’s Mr. Pickwick, here in our back yard:


Mr. Pickwick in the Flower Pot

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„Our“ Buck   5 comments

Here’s a close-up of that guy:


Portrait of a Buck

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Yesterday in Our Garden   6 comments

A Sultan and his harem – well, some of them certainly are his offspring!  😉


Buck and Does

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Thistle   2 comments

Our wildflower area – which we leave untouched for most of the year – has some beautiful-looking thistles. We don’t like them in our lawn and in the flower beds, but enjoy them in that wildflower area.


Thistle in Full Bloom

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Our Crape Myrtles Are in Bloom Again   9 comments


Crape Myrtle in Bloom

Veröffentlicht Donnerstag, Juli 7, 2016 von Pit in Crape Myrtle, Garten, trees, Vegetation

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Autumn Colours   2 comments

It’s close to two years ago that I took this picture in our garden:

fall colours

Colourful Maple Leaves

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