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Corn Harvest in Kansas   4 comments


Corn Silos and Harvested Cornfield off the Blue River Trail in Kansas

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Trail, Trees, and River: Autumn Colours on the Blue River Trail   Leave a comment


On the Blue River Trail in Kansas

Before Sunrise in Our Garden   3 comments

This morning, I happened to be up early and caught a few shots in our garden before sunrise, with the moon and the morning star still up in the sky, while the first pink colours were just showing up. It’s amazing, though, how much detail the camera catches. There’s plenty in this picture – after enhancing it, of course – which I had not been able to see with the naked eye, e.g. the deer in the foreground, to the left, or the hills further up Lower Crabapple Road just showing through the trees on the left.

before sunrise

Early Morning Atmosphere in Our Garden

I Am the King   4 comments

Maybe his realm is not too big, as there are many others of his kind here in the Texas Hill Country, but he certainly has a regal bearing, hasn’t he?


Here’s the King

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That Buck Seems to Like Posing for Pictures   4 comments

Or is he just nosy? Or maybe just wary? Anyway: here he is, looking straight at the camera.


Ain’t I Posing Nicely?

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Greeting His Father?   Leave a comment

It may well be that the old one is the young buck’s father. This is another of the shots I got off yesterday:


Hello, Father! How Are Ya?

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He Graced Us With His Presence Again   Leave a comment

Two evenings in a row this truly magnificent buck appeared in our back yard, and tonight I had the camera ready!


What a Magnificent Buck!


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Towering Bluffs on the Katy Trail   6 comments

katy trail

Tpwring Bluffs

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Autumn on the Katy Trail #2   Leave a comment

katy trail

On the Katy Trail, Missouri, Between McKittrick and Portland

The old railroad here ran just between the bluffs on the right hand side of the picture and the Missouri on the lkeft.

Autumn on the Katy Trail #1   Leave a comment

Some trees still had wonderful fall colours, some had already shed (most of) their leaves:

katy trail

Katy Trail in Autumn Colours

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