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St. Louis/MO Bridges – Continued   14 comments

It’s quite a while since I last published any of my pictures from our „RailTrailsRoadTrip“ in October last year. So I really need to continue. Here’s a picture of Eads Bridge. We passed underneath it on our 2-hour cruise of the waterfron to St. Louis.

Eads Bridge

Eads Bridge, St. Louis/MO

This picture has been edited, I must admit, both with ACDSee Ultimate 9 [for a light equalizer] and with easyHDR [for enhancement of details], but I think this brings out the fine metal structure very well, even if it does look a tad artificial.

Lower Slaughter, GB   8 comments

For my first picture here after my pause in blogging, I’ve chosen one that I took in 2013 in the Cotswolds, in the picturesque little village of Lower Slaughter:

Lower Slaughter

Lower Slaughter, in the Cotswolds, on the River Eye

The original photo has been (slightly) enhanced with EasyHDR, a programme I have lately come to like.

Clouds over the Dillon Pinnacles   6 comments


Clouds over the Dillon Pinnacles

Another extreme wide-angle lens view with some quite dramatic effect, again in a picture taken across the Blue Mesa Reservoir on the Gunnison River in the Curecanti National Recreation Area in Colorado.

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Clouds over the Rocky Mountains [1]   10 comments


Clouds, Rocks, and Water

An extreme wide-angle lens can create quite dramatic effects, as here in a picture taken across the Blue Mesa Reservoir on the Gunnison River in the Curecanti National Recreation Area in Colorado.

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Texas Still Life: Rooster, Longhorn Skull, and Truck in Luckenbach/TX   8 comments

Usually I don’t do any editing with my pictures [except for some cropping]. but I think this one here lent itself to changing it from colour to sepia:


Rooster, Longhorn Skull with Horns, and Truck

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A „Texas Roadblock“   6 comments

cattle in the road

A „Texas Roadblock“

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Back After 40 Miles of Karnes County   16 comments

back in KC

Quite Sweaty, but Also Quite Happy

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That’s Life!   10 comments

I’m really getting envious.  😉

Das ist das Leben!

Ich werde richtig neidisch.  😉


The Epitome of Laziness

Picture taken at the Sauer-Beckmann Living History Farm, Part of the Lyndon B. Johnson State Park & Historic Site in Stonewall/TX.

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Airforce 1/2   6 comments

That is what Lyndon B. Johnson’s small jet – the one that was able to land on the airstrip of the LBJ ranch in Stonewall, Texas – was sometimes called in reference to its smaller size as compared to the regular Airforce One. Here a detail:

So wurde manchmal Lyndon B. Johnson’s kleinerer Jet – derjenige, der auf der Landebahn der LBJ Ranch in Stonewall, Texas landen konnte – genannt in Anspielung auf seine geringere Größe, verglichen mit der regulären Airforce One. Hier ein Detail:

airforce 1/2

Airforce 1/2 – Detail

South Texas Trail Riders   14 comments

trail riders

South Texas Trail Riders

Every year, at the end of January or the beginning of February, the South Texas Trail Riders pass through Karnes City/County on their way to the rodeo in San Antonio.

Jedes Jahr, Ende Januar oder Anfang Februar, kommen die South Texas Trail Riders auf ihrem Weg zum Rodeo in San Antonio durch Karnes City/County.

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