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Longhorns   8 comments

Today, at the Lyndon B. Johnson State Park in Johnson City/TX:



This Picture Here Shows …   6 comments

… that the cattle in the previous one really wasn’t a Longhorn but a cross-breed: it is too small, and way too stocky/fleshy.


Longhorn-Hereford Cross Breed?

First I Believed …   10 comments

… this was a Longhorn, but a closer look revealed it is way too stocky and by far not lean enough:


Maybe a Longhorn-Hereford Cross?

Portrait of a Horse [#2]   18 comments

This foto was taken on the former LBJ Ranch – now Lyndon B Johnson National Historical Park – in Johnson City/TX. For this pisture I decided on using EasyHDR, but get a clour-renderning, not a black-and-white one:

Pferdeportrait [#2]

Dieses Foto ist entstanden auf der früheren Ranch – heute Lyndon B Johnson National Historical Park – von Lyndon B. Johnson, dem 36. Präsidenten der Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika, in Johnson City/TX. Für dieses Foto habe ich mich für eine Wiedergabe in Farbe und nicht in schwarz-weiss entschieden, allerdings für die gegenüber dem Original detailreichere LDR-Version:


Portrait of a Horse

Under a Texas Sky   18 comments

Whispy clouds over the LBJ Ranch and Herefords resting under the majestic oak trees:

lbj ranch

Whispy Clouds over the LBJ Ranch

The Big Tree   25 comments

When I recently wrote in my other blog [Pit’s Fritztown News] about trying to raise new oaks in our garden, I was reminded of one of the most spectacular specimens of a Southern Live Oak [Quercus Virginiana], „The Big Tree“ in Goose Island State Park at the Texas Gulf Coast near Rockport/Fulton. Here it is:


The „Big Tree“ in Goose Island State Park

The vital statistics of that magnificent tree:

  • Trunk circumference:  35 feet 1.75 inches or 10.71 meters
  • Average trunk diameter:  11 feet 2.25 inches or 3.41 meters
  • Crown spread:  89 feet or 27.1 meters
  • Height:  44 feet or 13.4 meters
  • Age:  In excess of 1,000 years

Sunrise at The LBJ Ranch [5]   8 comments

Here, now, is the last – and, as I believe – best of the pictures of the sunrise at the LBJ Ranch a few weeks ago:


Sunrise at the LBJ Ranch

Sunrise at The LBJ Ranch [4]   4 comments

Here’s another one of the series of sunrise pictures I took last at the LBJ Ranch on April 2:


An Early Texas Hill Country Morning

Sunrise at the LBJ Ranch [3]   11 comments

Here’s another one of the series of sunrise pictures I took last Saturday at the LBJ Ranch:


A Texas Hill Country Sunrise

Sunrise at the LBJ Ranch [1]   8 comments



Luckily, yesterday morning I had arrived quite early for the LBJ 100 Bicycle Tour and thus had enough time to spare and wait for the sun to rise over the Hill Country.

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