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Longhorns   8 comments

Today, at the Lyndon B. Johnson State Park in Johnson City/TX:



This Picture Here Shows …   6 comments

… that the cattle in the previous one really wasn’t a Longhorn but a cross-breed: it is too small, and way too stocky/fleshy.


Longhorn-Hereford Cross Breed?

First I Believed …   10 comments

… this was a Longhorn, but a closer look revealed it is way too stocky and by far not lean enough:


Maybe a Longhorn-Hereford Cross?

Portrait of a Horse [#2]   18 comments

This foto was taken on the former LBJ Ranch – now Lyndon B Johnson National Historical Park – in Johnson City/TX. For this pisture I decided on using EasyHDR, but get a clour-renderning, not a black-and-white one:

Pferdeportrait [#2]

Dieses Foto ist entstanden auf der früheren Ranch – heute Lyndon B Johnson National Historical Park – von Lyndon B. Johnson, dem 36. Präsidenten der Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika, in Johnson City/TX. Für dieses Foto habe ich mich für eine Wiedergabe in Farbe und nicht in schwarz-weiss entschieden, allerdings für die gegenüber dem Original detailreichere LDR-Version:


Portrait of a Horse

Under a Texas Sky   18 comments

Whispy clouds over the LBJ Ranch and Herefords resting under the majestic oak trees:

lbj ranch

Whispy Clouds over the LBJ Ranch

Sunrise at The LBJ Ranch [5]   8 comments

Here, now, is the last – and, as I believe – best of the pictures of the sunrise at the LBJ Ranch a few weeks ago:


Sunrise at the LBJ Ranch

Sunrise at The LBJ Ranch [4]   4 comments

Here’s another one of the series of sunrise pictures I took last at the LBJ Ranch on April 2:


An Early Texas Hill Country Morning

Sunrise at the LBJ Ranch [3]   11 comments

Here’s another one of the series of sunrise pictures I took last Saturday at the LBJ Ranch:


A Texas Hill Country Sunrise

Sunrise at the LBJ Ranch [1]   8 comments



Luckily, yesterday morning I had arrived quite early for the LBJ 100 Bicycle Tour and thus had enough time to spare and wait for the sun to rise over the Hill Country.

Morning on the Pedernales   4 comments

This is what the Pedernales looked like at the LBJ Ranch in Stonewall/TX this morning:


Pedernales River at the LBJ Ranch

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