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Vintage Machinery   6 comments

Black & White is not a bad rendering for this piece of vintage machinery, I believe:

generator B&W

Vintage Generator at the Antique Tractor & Machinery Show

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It’s All a Matter of Perspective   7 comments

Yesterday at the Antique Tractor & Machinery Show here in Fredericksburg/TX I saw this interesting perspective:

tractor wheels

Wheelies – in a Different Sense

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The Old and the (Very) Modern – Side by Side   2 comments

Yesterday in nearby Comfort/TX I saw this modern Tesla being charged in front of the 1880 Faust Hotel:


Tesla Being Charged

To me it looked as if this charging-station was provided by the hotel. That would be some service, wouldn’t it?

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St. Louis: Gateway Arch and the Old Courthouse   2 comments

On our „RailTrailsRoadTrip“ we had a perfect day in St. Louis/MO, including a tour of the St. Louis waterfront on a paddle-wheeler:

st. louis

The Gateway Arch and the Old Courthouse

For more information about our day in St. Louis check out „RailTrailsRoadTrip – Day 8 [ St. Louis]“ in my blog „Pit’s Fritztown News“.



Dogleg Bridge   2 comments

As mentioned in my previous posting, the Old Chain of Rocks Bridge is quite unique as it has a dogleg [20-degree bend] right in the middle:


A Bridge with a Dogleg

The reason for this unique feature: the planners had to allow for

  • a 90-degree angle for barges passing underneath, directly into or with the flow of the Mississippi, and
  • putting the foundations on solid rock.

For more information about this bridge check out „RailTrailsRoadTrip – Day 7 [ Old Chain of Rocks Bridge]“ in my blog „Pit’s Fritztown News„.


Monstertruck   10 comments

Monster Truck

What a Monster!

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I’m About to Gobble You up   12 comments

Looks quiite threatening, doesn’t it, this snowblower?!


Snowblower at the Colorado Railroad Museum

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Human Looks?   10 comments

The front of this engine does look somewhat like a human face, doesn’t it. It reminds me of the movie „Silver Streak“, when, at the end, after the run-away engine has broken through a wall and come to a halt in the hall of the Chicago railway station, Grover T. Muldoon [played by Richard Pryor] comments that it looks like the locomotive is actually grinning.


Grinning? – Or Just Menacing Looks?

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„Puffing Billy“   12 comments

Well, I know that the „Puffing Billy“ was quite a different locomotive, but I think the name would have been appropriate here, too – judging by the looks of that engine, which, btw, is propelled not by steam created with a fire  inside the engine, but by compressed air in its huge tank. This makes it safe in an environment with fuels, as it wa used by the Standard Oil Company.

vinate locomotives

Locomotive Driven by Compressed Air

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The Little Engine That Could   3 comments

Doesn’t it really look quite like it?


Manitou & Pikes Peak Steam Locomotive No. 1

From the railroad museum’s website: „M&PP No. 1 is a unique locomotive specially designed to climb steep mountain slopes with grades up to 25 percent. The underside is equipped with a toothed cog wheel. As the wheel turns, it connects to a stationary rack rail in the track, thus helping to pull a train up the mountain or provide braking on the way down.“

For more information, download a PDF-file here.

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