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Buster   2 comments

Now let’s continue this (short) series with a picture of Buster. He was my best friend and I still miss him:


Buster – Pensive

More about him here: In Memoriam Buster

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Sally   8 comments

After Amy’s comment [„they give immense joys“] to my post about Angel, our cousin’s long-gone Bernese mountain dog, I decided to post pictures of all our (previous) dogs here. And even if I had shown her before, I still want to start with Sally. Here she is again:


Sally, a Most Gentle Soul

She arrived at our former place, in Karnes County, as a stray, full of worms and fleas, and just skin and bones, but her gentle ways immediately captured our hearts, where she had a place till the end and beyond.

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Angel   11 comments

She’s long gone from us – or from our cousin in Denver, rather – but we still remember her fondly:

Angel in the winter landscape

Angel – Intently Watching the Winter Landscape at Clear Creek, Denver/CO

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Our First Fawn of the Year   9 comments

When we had seen some does on our property lately that were heavy with fawns, we knew it was only a matter of time before we’d see a newly-born one, and today we were that lucky. Here it is:


Welcome in Our World, Little One

The quality of the picture is not the best, but that was all I could do under the circumstances: low light and a long [400 mm] tele lens. But I really didn’t want to miss that situation.

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„Our“ Buck   5 comments

Here’s a close-up of that guy:


Portrait of a Buck

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Yesterday in Our Garden   6 comments

A Sultan and his harem – well, some of them certainly are his offspring!  😉


Buck and Does

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Texas Still Life: Rooster, Longhorn Skull, and Truck in Luckenbach/TX   8 comments

Usually I don’t do any editing with my pictures [except for some cropping]. but I think this one here lent itself to changing it from colour to sepia:


Rooster, Longhorn Skull with Horns, and Truck

Veröffentlicht Sonntag, Juli 17, 2016 von Pit in Hill Country, Luckenbach/TX, Still Life, Tierleben

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Buck in the Back Yard   15 comments

Yesterday, in the late afternoon, we had a buck again in our back yard, not quite as magnificent as this one here, but still a fine-looking animal:


Buck in the Back Yard

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Deer Grooming Each Other   2 comments


Grooming Each Other Is Wonderful

Veröffentlicht Freitag, Juli 1, 2016 von Pit in Deer, Hill Country, Tierleben, Wildtiere

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Deer Gymnastics   6 comments

deer gymnastics

Ain’t I Lissom?

Actually, I had wanted to take a picture of the fawn behind the deer. That’s why not all the feet of the deer are in the picture.

Veröffentlicht Mittwoch, Juni 29, 2016 von Pit in Deer, Tierleben, Wildtiere

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