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Trail, Trees, and River: Autumn Colours on the Blue River Trail   Leave a comment


On the Blue River Trail in Kansas

Blue River Trail [Kansas]: Rocky Run Creek Covered Bridge   4 comments

This, the Bue River Trail – and also the connecting Chief Standing Bear Trail – was my favourite trail on that „RailTrailsRopadTrip„:

blue river trail

Rocky Run Creek Covered Bridge


Katy Trail – the Last Picture   2 comments

The Katy Trail really has very different landscapes to view: here it’s the road parallel to it, then the fields, and then – farther to the right – the levee of the Missouri River.

katy trail

Katy Trail – Missouri

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Towering Bluffs on the Katy Trail   6 comments

katy trail

Tpwring Bluffs

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Autumn on the Katy Trail #2   Leave a comment

katy trail

On the Katy Trail, Missouri, Between McKittrick and Portland

The old railroad here ran just between the bluffs on the right hand side of the picture and the Missouri on the lkeft.

More Missouri Hills and Skies   4 comments

Katy Trail

Along the Katy Trail

Missouri Hills and Sky   9 comments

On the Katy Trail again:

Katy Trail

Katy Trail, Missouri

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On the Katy Trail – By the Wayside #1   2 comments

A typical rural scene along the Katy Trail:

Katy Trail

Rural Missouri

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Only 164 More Miles to Kansas City   2 comments

Facing west on the Katy Trail near McKittrick/MO:

katy trail

On The Katy Trail

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Now That’s a Well-Equipped Trail Head [McKittrick/MO]   6 comments

The trail head in McKittrick/MO on the Katy Trail certainly sets an example – everything a bicyclist might need:

Katy Trail

The McKittrick Trail Head on the Katy Trail in Missouri

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