Those Were the Times …

… when I was in a good shape still!

Usually I refrain from publishing pictures of myself here, but with this one [taken on August 24, 2008] which I discovered a few days ago while sorting through old pictures, I couldn’t resist, even if it means some bragging.  😉  I did the „Nürburgring Nordschleife“ on my bicycle then, the famopus former Formula One circuit also known as „Die Güene Hölle“ [„The Green Hell“].

Cornering „Am Brünnchen“ on My Stevens

Once a year the Nürburgring is open to runners and bicyclists for a weekend, the event being called „Run und Fun am Ring“. That year I was in quite a good shape and decided to go there and do the 21.74 Kilometers [13.51 miles]. Well, good shape or no, I did have to walk my bicycle for a few hundred feet: 19% grade uphill was too much for me. But on the other hand, downhill I set my speed record which holds till today: 53 mph [85.3 Km/H]. Well, that’s enough bragging. Now I can only dream about that as I won’t be able to do anything even close to that any more. As I said, „Those were the days!“