Texas Sunset #1

Karnes County at sunset, with oil wells flaring:

Texas Sonnenuntergang #1

Karnes County bei Sonnenuntergang, im Hintergrund wird Methan aus Ölquellen abgefackelt:

Karnes County Sunset
Karnes County Sunset w/ Oil Wells Being Flared

Evening Atmosphere in the Back Yard

Not only our front yard was worth taking a picture yesterday, but the back yard also [even without deer at that time]:

Clouds Over the Back Yard and the Evening Sun Just Reaching the Tops of the Trees


Idyllic Evening in the Back Yard – with Deer

Most of the times, evenings are tranquil and serene hereabouts:

Deer Grazing in the Evening Sunlight

I took this picture about an hour ago. I decided not to work with it at all but to publish it here „just as it came out of the camera“ because I think it really shows what the view of our backyard looked like.