Blue River Trail [Kansas]: Rocky Run Creek Covered Bridge

This, the Bue River Trail – and also the connecting Chief Standing Bear Trail – was my favourite trail on that „RailTrailsRopadTrip„:

blue river trail
Rocky Run Creek Covered Bridge


Harry S Truman Library and Museum – Courtyard [2]

A first glimpse of the wall with the eternal flame of freedom in the background:

truman library
Harry S Truman Library and Museum – Courtyard

Harry S Truman Library and Museum – Courtyard [1]

This courtyard is a wonderfully tranquil and serence place:

truman library
Truman Library and Museum – Courtyard

For more about this president and the library and museum honouring his life and achievements check here: RailTrailsRoadTrip – Day 13 [Independence/MO – Beatrice/NE]


The Truman House in Autumn

It’s been close to one year now that we were there [see here: RailTrailsRoadTrip – Day 12 [Hermann/MO – Independence/MO]]:

Truman House
The Truman House, Independence/MO, with Autumn Colours

Autumn on the Katy Trail #2

katy trail
On the Katy Trail, Missouri, Between McKittrick and Portland

The old railroad here ran just between the bluffs on the right hand side of the picture and the Missouri on the lkeft.