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A Thirsty One   8 comments

Jemand hat Durst


Fawn Suckling

Some Exif-Data:

  • camera: Nikon D500
  • lens: Sigma 80-400 mm f/4.5 – 5.6 zoom at 180mm
  • f/number: 8
  • shutter speed: 1/250 s
  • ISO value: 100
  • edited with EasyHDR: settings LDR, preset „night“ and slightly cropped with ACDSee Ultimate 9.0

Ausgewählte Exif-Daten:

  • Kamera: Nikon D500
  • Objektiv: Sigma 80-400 mm f/4.5 – 5.6 zoom mit 180mm
  • Blende: 8
  • Verschlusszeit: 1/250 s
  • ISO Wert: 100
  • bearbeitet mir EasyHDR: Einstellung LDR, Vorgabe „night“ und leicht beschnitten mit ACDSee Ultimate 9.0

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I’m Old Enough to Graze All By Myself   10 comments

Our fawns certainly have grown, and they graze more and more by themselves, although they still like to suckle.

fawn grazing

A Small Fawn on a Big Lawn

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Fawn in the Evening Sunlight   12 comments

No words necessary, I think:


Fawn in the Evening Sunlight

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Looking for My Mama   6 comments


Ain’t I Cute?

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