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Evening Atmosphere in the Front Yard   5 comments

Isn’t that just a relaxing view?


Deer in the Soft Evening Light in Our Front Yard

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Our First Fawn of the Year   9 comments

When we had seen some does on our property lately that were heavy with fawns, we knew it was only a matter of time before we’d see a newly-born one, and today we were that lucky. Here it is:


Welcome in Our World, Little One

The quality of the picture is not the best, but that was all I could do under the circumstances: low light and a long [400 mm] tele lens. But I really didn’t want to miss that situation.

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Yesterday in Our Garden   6 comments

A Sultan and his harem – well, some of them certainly are his offspring!  😉


Buck and Does

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Quite Well Hidden, …   8 comments

… aren’t they, these fawns? Well, the smaller one at least. It’s barely visible, even in the quite short grass.


Well Camouflaged

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Mama-Deer with Twins   9 comments

This evening, we had 4 fawns altogether in our garden, and two seem to have been twins. At least they wre of the same size and nursing from the same mama:

fawns suckling

Both of Us Are Thirsty, Mama

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Bambi in Our Garden   4 comments



Veröffentlicht Freitag, Juni 19, 2015 von Pit in Deer, fawns, Tierleben, Wildtiere

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