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Morgens um Sieben ist die Welt noch in Ordnung   9 comments

Blick auf und über den Bach an der Nordostecke unseres Grundstücks an einem nebligen Morgen:

In the Morning at Seven the World Is Fine Still

View onto and across the creek in the north-east corner of our property on a misty morning:

creekside misty Morning

Misty Morning at the Creek

Some Exif-Data:

  • camera: Nikon D500
  • lens: Sigma 18-200 mm f/3.5-6.3 zoom
  • f/number: 7.1
  • shutter speed: 1/200 s
  • ISO value: 200

Ausgewählte Exif-Daten:

  • Kamera: Nikon D500
  • Objektiv: Sigma 18-200 mm f/3.5-6.3 zoom
  • Blende: 7.1
  • Verschlusszeit: 1/200 s
  • ISO Wert: 200

Longhorns   8 comments

Today, at the Lyndon B. Johnson State Park in Johnson City/TX:



What a Sky!   12 comments

We had quite a fantastic evening sky today:


Lower Crabapple Evening Sky

First I Believed …   10 comments

… this was a Longhorn, but a closer look revealed it is way too stocky and by far not lean enough:


Maybe a Longhorn-Hereford Cross?

Under a Texas Sky   18 comments

Whispy clouds over the LBJ Ranch and Herefords resting under the majestic oak trees:

lbj ranch

Whispy Clouds over the LBJ Ranch

Deer Grooming Each Other   2 comments


Grooming Each Other Is Wonderful

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Mama-Deer with Twins   9 comments

This evening, we had 4 fawns altogether in our garden, and two seem to have been twins. At least they wre of the same size and nursing from the same mama:

fawns suckling

Both of Us Are Thirsty, Mama

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A Sea of Mexican Hats   1 comment

We didn’t have many bluebonnets this spring, but we do have an abundance of Mexican hats now:


Mexcican Hats Galore

That’s the area at the north-east corner [the intersection of Lower Crabapple and Frederick Roads] of our property which we keep unmowed because of the wildflowers.

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A Carpet of (Wild)flowers   4 comments

Saw this gorgeous field of wildflowers a little more than a week ago, across E. Mulberry Street from the Golden Hub Senior Centre here in Fredericksburg:


Wildflowers in Abundance

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A Month Ago …   11 comments

… the Bluebonnets were in full bloom:


Bluebonnets in the Evening Sun – Off Middle Creek Road

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