Photoproject #10: Speed – Movement

On his blog, „Mannis Fotobude“, Manni has again called for participation in another, this time the tenth, photoproject of his. Now the subject is“ Speed – Movement“. My contribution here is repeating a picture on myself on my then Stevens touring bicycle, when, in 2008, I participated in the „Rad am Ring„, and did the whole 14 miles of „Nordschleife“ [North Loop] of the Nürburgring, the famous race course in Germany, among the racing-community also known as „Grüne Hölle“ [Green Hell]. Even if it does not convey any movement, I still think it does convey the idea of speed.

Fotoprojekt #10: Geschwindigkeit -Bewegung

Auf seinem Blog „Mannis Fotobude“ hat Manni einmal mehr zur Teilnahme an einem weiteren, seinem zehnten, Fotoprojekt aufgerufen, dieses Mal zum Thema „Geschwindigkeit – Bewegung„. Mein Beitrag hier ist nun eine Wiederholung eines Bildes von mir selber auf meinem damaligen Stevens Tourenrad, als ich, in 2008, an der Veranstaltung „Rad am Ring“ teilgenommen habe und die gesamten 22 Kilometer der „Nordschleife“ des Nürburgrings, in der Renngemeinschaft auch als „Grüne Hölle“ bekannt, geradelt bin. Auch wenn es nicht unbedingt „Bewegung“ zeigt, so meine ich, dass es doch die Idee „Geschwindigkeit“ gut rüber bringt.

myself at the "Bruennchen" on the Nuerburgring Race Course
Myself at the „Bruennchen“ on the Nuerburgring Race Course

Those Were the Times …

… when I was in a good shape still!

Usually I refrain from publishing pictures of myself here, but with this one [taken on August 24, 2008] which I discovered a few days ago while sorting through old pictures, I couldn’t resist, even if it means some bragging.  😉  I did the „Nürburgring Nordschleife“ on my bicycle then, the famopus former Formula One circuit also known as „Die Güene Hölle“ [„The Green Hell“].

Cornering „Am Brünnchen“ on My Stevens

Once a year the Nürburgring is open to runners and bicyclists for a weekend, the event being called „Run und Fun am Ring“. That year I was in quite a good shape and decided to go there and do the 21.74 Kilometers [13.51 miles]. Well, good shape or no, I did have to walk my bicycle for a few hundred feet: 19% grade uphill was too much for me. But on the other hand, downhill I set my speed record which holds till today: 53 mph [85.3 Km/H]. Well, that’s enough bragging. Now I can only dream about that as I won’t be able to do anything even close to that any more. As I said, „Those were the days!“