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Blue River Rail Trail – Kansas   2 comments

It must have been quite a long time since any train passed by here: railroad ties and a derelict shed along the Blue River Rail Trail, the former railroad corridor of the Union Pacific „Beatrice Branch“.

Es muss schon eine ziemlich lange Zeit her sein, seit einmal ein Zug heir vorbeigefahren ist: Eisenbahnschwellen und ein baufälliger Schuppen entlang des Blue River Rail Trails, der früheren Beatrice-Zweigstrecke der Union Pacific Eisenbahn:

blue river rail trail

Along the Blue River Rail Trail

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Blue River Trail [Kansas]: Rocky Run Creek Covered Bridge   4 comments

This, the Bue River Trail – and also the connecting Chief Standing Bear Trail – was my favourite trail on that „RailTrailsRopadTrip„:

blue river trail

Rocky Run Creek Covered Bridge


More Missouri Hills and Skies   4 comments

Katy Trail

Along the Katy Trail

Only 164 More Miles to Kansas City   2 comments

Facing west on the Katy Trail near McKittrick/MO:

katy trail

On The Katy Trail

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On the Katy Trail – Missouri [McKittrick Trail Head]   2 comments

This perfect trailhead – equipped with all a bicyclist might need – looks quite like a railway station, doesn’t it?

katy trail

Katy Trail, Missouri, McKittrick Trail Head

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On the Katy Trail [Missouri]   7 comments

We started our out-and-back ride out of McKittrick/MO, where they have a very attractive trail head:

Katy Trail

Katy Trail State Park – McKittrick Trail Head

For more about that ride, click here: RailTrailsRoadTrip – Day 11 [Katy Trail]

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More First Impressions of the Katy Trail in Missouri   14 comments

Katy Trail

Katy Trail

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Dogleg Bridge   2 comments

As mentioned in my previous posting, the Old Chain of Rocks Bridge is quite unique as it has a dogleg [20-degree bend] right in the middle:


A Bridge with a Dogleg

The reason for this unique feature: the planners had to allow for

  • a 90-degree angle for barges passing underneath, directly into or with the flow of the Mississippi, and
  • putting the foundations on solid rock.

For more information about this bridge check out „RailTrailsRoadTrip – Day 7 [ Old Chain of Rocks Bridge]“ in my blog „Pit’s Fritztown News„.


Part of the Old Route 66   11 comments

The Old Chain of Rocks Bridge, crossing the Mississippi above-river of St. Louis, linking Missouri and Illinois. In the olden days the famous Route 66 lead  over it, and today it’s part of the fantastic (bicycling-) trails in the vicinity of St. Louis:


Old Chain of Rocks Bridge, Missouri Side

For more about my day on the trails around St. Louis/MO and Collinsville/IL, and about these fantastic rail trails, check out  „RailTrailsRoadTrip – Day 7“

in my blog „Pit’s Fritztown News„.

Bathhouse Row in Hot Springs/AR [1]   Leave a comment

Bathhouse Row, part of the Hot Springs National Park, is well worth visiting: a pleasant stroll in the middle of this city.

Bathhouse Row

Bathhouse Row

For more about Bathhouse Row, check out my post „RailTrailsRoadTrip – Day 3 (Afternoon and Evening) [Hot Springs/AR]“ in my Blog „Pit’s Fritztown News„.

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