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Vintage Machinery in Black and White [#2]   8 comments

Yesterday I posted a detail. Here’s the full picture now:

Alte Maschinerie in Schwarz-Weiß [#2]

Gestern habe ich ein Detail gezeigt. Hier ist nun das ganze Teil:

Vintage Tractor

Vintage Tractor

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The Old and the (Very) Modern – Side by Side   2 comments

Yesterday in nearby Comfort/TX I saw this modern Tesla being charged in front of the 1880 Faust Hotel:


Tesla Being Charged

To me it looked as if this charging-station was provided by the hotel. That would be some service, wouldn’t it?

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Dogleg Bridge   2 comments

As mentioned in my previous posting, the Old Chain of Rocks Bridge is quite unique as it has a dogleg [20-degree bend] right in the middle:


A Bridge with a Dogleg

The reason for this unique feature: the planners had to allow for

  • a 90-degree angle for barges passing underneath, directly into or with the flow of the Mississippi, and
  • putting the foundations on solid rock.

For more information about this bridge check out „RailTrailsRoadTrip – Day 7 [ Old Chain of Rocks Bridge]“ in my blog „Pit’s Fritztown News„.


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